Zac Efron Admits Needing Rehab

Zac Efron admits needing rehab
The news came to light after Efron admitted this week that he had been an outpatient at a drug rehab clinic in March.Originally it was believed it was for alcohol addiction but now gossip sites say it was for cocaine and other drugs. People magazine … Read more on Sydney Morning Herald

Government Switches Strategy On Drugs
With strategies focused narrowly at reducing supply failing, the body cites the need to adopt more balanced approaches that include serious efforts – and funding – dedicated to drug abuse prevention and treatment services. The Department of Social … Read more on

Carol Hanneman-Garuz: Higher drunk driving penalties won't solve Wisconsin's
Wouldn't it make more sense to require assessment, risk reduction education and/or addiction treatment before we license initially and/or renew? Risk reduction education prevents harmful behaviors of many kinds. It includes teaching individuals what … Read more on Capital Times (blog)