What to Do About My Ex Driving My Daughter With Alcohol and Oxycotin in His System?

Question by wanno_13: What to do about my ex driving my daughter with alcohol and oxycotin in his system?
My ex-husband is supposed to have my daughter on xmas eve this year. I know he will be going to his family’s xmas and I have been there before so I know there will be a lot of drinking. I don’t think he’s stupid enough to get drunk but i know he will have at least three or four beers. He also is on oxycontin for “body pain” and on special occasions (such as xmas eve) he takes one or two more than he is perscribed. It is supposed to be snowy and rainy on xmas eve and he had to drive my daughter about 15 minutes out of our town. I am afraid that he will drink three or four beers with this oxycontin in his system and then drive her home on icy, snowy roads. I’m not sure what to do to prevent this or if I shoudl talk to the police to watch out for him when he’s driving. I want to know my daughter is in safe hands and I don’t think she will be with him that night.
court ordered he can have her until 9 am xmas day so i cant get her
she is only two so she can’t tell him to stop or tell me that he’s drunk

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Yea, court, now!