What Are the Legalilties Surrounding Tobacco?

Question by Alyssa C: what are the legalilties surrounding tobacco?

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Answer by John Mc
The legalities surrounding tobacco is that it is a recognized “addiction” by the government’s own surgeon general….but because of the revenues brought in daily, it is perpetuated generation after generation after generation.
BASICALLY…it’s a government sanctioned addiction
PLEASE read and consider this important information:
The 1964 and subsequent 1988 U.S. Surgeon General’s reports conclusively, irrefutably and undeniably stated that ‘heroin and nicotine were of equal addictive strength’. In short…anyone indulging in either heroin or nicotine (tobacco) is an addict. Top that off with the fact the report also states conclusively, irrefutably, and undeniably that smoking tobacco causes cancer.
If you don’t believe me…access the reports…it’s easy enough to do.
The government and businesses want you to look at the guy with a crack pipe, or the person with a needle in his arm and think to yourself, “What a pathetic, lowlife addict!”
BUT…they don’t want YOU to recognize the fact that if you smoke tobacco, or use tobacco products, YOU TOO are an addict. Why? Because making you realize you’re an addict takes money away fro the government and businesses.
So society-at-large keeps employing and perpetuating the euphemisms “smoker” and “smoking” to make you feel comfortable with this government sanctioned addiction.

This legal addiction is an extension of the “Malthusian Philosophy” regarding governments and population control.
This philosophy contends that governments are within their rights to inflict and perpetuate addictions (such as alcohol and nicotine addictions) on the populace in order to bring in revenues with which to govern that populace.

SO….remember…that someone quitting nicotine addiction is a recovering addict. He/She WILL be a recovering addict the rest of their lives. They very well may need a support group to help them. You’ve certainly heard the tales of someone who “just had ONE puff” and was back smoking cigarettes again. That’s because what I wrote earlier is TRUE. It’s an addiction.

BUT….it’s a government sanctioned addiction….doesn’t THAT make you feel better?

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