What Are Signs a Dr Looks for for Pain Killer Drug Abuse?

Question by chris r: what are signs a dr looks for for pain killer drug abuse?
my friend cant seem to get the kind he think he thinks he needs. he has a shoulder injury that needs surgery before that he had knee surgery. he has a history of injuies and asked for pain killers i even took him to the emergency room twice. differnt doctors some times. do they have a record of how many timees he asks

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Answer by mombolita
yes they do have a record of his drug history and his drug seeking! they are actually smarter than he is – go figure! if he has that much pain and has been advised to have surgery ———– have the surgery and stop seeking drugs! there are reasons for these laws ya know!!!!!!!!

Answer by boodrow
excessive use in treatment. Drs know when pain is OTC worthy or perscription worthy. Just like any addiction, Drs can spot withdrawl symptoms in physical movements (shaking hands, restless legs, eye movement) and in standard bloodwork

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