'Uptick' in Heroin Use Seen on North Olympic Peninsula

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Heroin Opiate: 'Uptick' in heroin use seen on North Olympic Peninsula
So people who were crushing and smoking OxyContin turned to heroin, first smoking it, and then as they grew more addicted, Cameron said. “I think it's the crackdown in the availability in OxyContin,” Cameron said. Said Madison: “Heroin being the opiate
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Heroin Opiate: Special Report: Afghan heroin traffickers targeting Tanzania, East Africa
Current State of the Global Opiate Market “The emergence of Africa as a heroin trafficking hub is almost certainly due to ongoing corruption, widespread poverty and limited law enforcement capacity – as well as increased pressure on traditional drug
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Heroin Opiate: Prescription drug misuse growing
The opiate painkiller, sometimes nick-named "hillbilly heroin", has effects, addiction, and chemical composition extremely similar to heroin. Jim Weir, from Forum Against Substance Abuse, said prescription drugs were abused by young and old people in
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Heroin Opiate: Malcolm’s new job

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