'Undertreatment of Pain' vs. Prescription Drug Addiction and Death

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Treatments For Heroin: 'Undertreatment of Pain' vs. Prescription Drug Addiction and Death
No — excessive health care costs are in the treatment of addiction when doctors prescribe narcotics such as OxyContin and "hook" their patients on a form of Heroin leaving the patient to deal with addiction and horrific withdrawal when they try to
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Treatments For Heroin: Morton offers his side of marijuana grow bust
In fact, more people die each year from overdose of prescription pain killers than heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines combined. Marijuana, however, has been scientifically proven, as reported by peer reviewed studies by such prestigious institutions
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Treatments For Heroin: My 25-year battle with grey hair
I crave my next salon appointment like an addict craves heroin. Of course, silver roots are more noticeable if, like me, you have dark hair. I didn't intentionally acquire black hair: it crept upon me like a thief. I was born a dull, mousy brown.
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