Short Term and Long Terms Side Effects of Painkillers?

Question by moose: Short term and long terms side effects of painkillers?
I’m mainly talking about Norcos and Percocets. What are bad about these for long term use? I know they’re not very good for your liver, but as long as you keep what you’re taking in moderation and limiting yourself to the addiction so you don’t overdose, is it’s only harmful effect on your liver? Alcohol is also bad for your liver, but most alcoholics will drink their whole lives and not die due to a liver problem. Only answer with knowledgeable facts of drugs and with experience, I dont wan’t to read how immoral I am or how ****** up I am because I don’t just stick to weed and alcohol like everybody else.
yeah Barcode, I am already hooked, there is no escaping. That’s why I’ve stopped taking them for two weeks now and wrote this question on yahoo answers. I was wondering if I started railing them again what the long term side effects would be, because these last two weeks has been easy to quit. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Answer by Barcode
It doesn’t matter, Bubba. You’re already hooked & cannot or will not get along without them.

Long-Term Effects of Percocet Abuse
By Filonia LeChat, eHow Contributor .Percocet, an opiate prescribed to treat severe pain, contains acetominophen and Oxycodone, which is a narcotic. It is known to be highly addictive. The drug comes in pill form and abusers who manage to multiply their prescriptions or buy off the street have been known to take 20-40 pills a day (the usual dose is one pill every six hours when feeling pain). Extended use is considered daily use over 2-3 weeks.
.Daily Dependence
Drugs like Percocet activate a function of the brain that craves rewards. Percocet users enjoy the euphoric feeling Percocet provides and begin to crave it. Their moods and feelings take a downturn when they do not have the drug in their system and therefore focus all of their attentions on obtaining more of the drug. This may lead to unhealthy practices such as buying (or stealing) others’ prescriptions, purchasing unregulated forms of the drug online from overseas, or attempting to replicate the drug with household materials or other drugs.
Reduced Consciousness
Percocet abuse may reduce peoples’ ability to think rationally or be completely aware of their surroundings. This could lead to the user putting him/herself in dangerous situations. Percocet abuse may also lead to confusing thoughts or unusual behavior—it may cause users to act in ways they would never contemplate without the drug.
Physical Addiction
Even though Percocet is prescribed by doctors, it has side effects that attack the body comparable to those of many illegal narcotics. People taking Percocet may experience nausea, rash, constipation, dizziness, and dry mouth. Long-term users open themselves up to more serious complications such as renal or liver damage, lower testosterone levels, seizure, and fatal respiratory depression. Further, although Percocet is quickly dispensed from the pharmacy, it can lead to the agonizing withdrawal symptoms shown with many illegal drugs. Long-time Percocet users often have trouble getting off the drug, even if they want to.
Respiratory Distress
Percocet is a central nervous system depressant. Long-time abusers of the drug may have problems breathing and regulating their heart beat. The drug will also interact with other central nervous system depressants such as sleeping pills, alcohol, and sedatives.
Depression and Withdrawal
Because they are always chasing the first high they received when encountering Percocet for the first time, long-time abusers of the drug require more and more pills. They are often moody or anxious about how to get their supply, and relationships with family, friends, and significant others may suffer. Percocet users may find it impossible to deal with anything except procuring their next dose. They may suffer in the workplace, too, losing jobs due to absence or tardiness. They may not be able to function as well on the job (Percocet will “fog” the brain and therefore be dangerous for those who work with heavy machinery) and have problems socializing with their coworkers.

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Answer by Jake
There are many side effects from painkillers. With Norco a lot of the side effects are dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. And same with Percocets but they can also cause itching. Those are short term side effects.

I highly recommend that you don’t use painkillers as recreational drugs. You should only use them if you have pain. Pain killers can cause stomach bleeding and as you said can do extensive damage to your liver. Also remember that painkillers are HIGHLY addictive.

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