Painkiller Addiction Can Be a Gateway to Heroin

Painkiller addiction can be a gateway to heroin
Stephanie King’s parents never thought their daughter would become a heroin addict. She was raised in a quiet middle class community in Delaware. But while studying at the University of Delaware, King was hospitalized for a severe stomach infection.
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Zohydro: Why this new painkiller could spark another addiction epidemic
A new, highly potent painkiller is out on the market – and many health experts want it gone. The controversial drug is Zohydro, an extended-release painkiller containing the already widely used opioid, hydrocodone. Designed to release painkilling …
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Dems demand FDA work faster to approve anti-abuse painkiller
Leahy and Blumenthal wrote Monday to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg saying they're concerned these pills that don't have the anti-abuse properties are contributing to the heroin and painkiller addictions plaguing the …
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