Painkiller Abuse: Resolved Question: Why Are White People More Likely to Abuse and Die From Prescription Drugs?

Resolved Question: Why are white people more likely to abuse and die from prescription drugs?
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Prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs, where is the media coverage on this? Does the media not cover this because it’s mostly whitey abusing these drugs? The media sure went crazy over crack cocaine though…



Resolved Question: Emancipation. Marriage. Minor. Child Abuse. Moving Out? The Works.?
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I am 20 and my wife is 17.
We are LEGALLY married in the state of New Hampshire.
I am NOT a citizen in this country, but have a pending case to remain here.
The baby is due in February.

The house will live in includes HER mother who ..
Yells at girlfriend for eating.
Threatens to kill herself openly.
Lets 9 year old physically abuse cats (choke them, hit them, spray chemicals in the faces, trap them in cages.)
She pops painkillers all the time and neglects making meals, taking responsibility for children, or doing daily tasks.
LIES to welfare about paying 800$ in rent and 100$ in electricity to her ex husband who she is living with, when she does not pay ANYTHING, lives there rent free, not on the lease.
Spends money on Bingo, or other pointless things, instead of paying the HEATING bill.
Is trying to get my girlfriend to collect baby materials from various charities and SELL them at the flea market for profit.
Is also trying to FORCE her into collecting disability when she has no disability present, using facts like her father died and the fact she got jumped years ago to make her case FOR her and try to force her, yells at her when she says she doesn’t wanna be on it.
She STEALS from her ex husband, goes in his room and steals his stuff to sell at the flea market, I’ve PERSONALLY been asked to go through the stuff.
She collected insurance money and is using it for greedy selfish spending instead of things like heat and food.
Using money my mother is sending monthly to help support me here to buy cigarettes and only personal spending, nothing towards heating, or food.
Hides most food in her bedroom.


The list goes on and on and on ..

My girlfriend wants too come to Canada with me and my family, with our baby, and have a happy family, and be healthy, and safe.
We are married, but she doesn’t know if she has the legal right to move out or not.
We heard she is considered an adult and “emancipated.” and heard otherwise.
We want to report her to Child and Family Services. And also notify Welfare of the fraud.
Can she move with me?
What steps do we need to take to protect ourselves and be safe and start fresh? We get along marvelously, and we wanna provide the best possible environment for our son.
She would love going to Canada with my family. This is her decision as much as mine, There is no pressure involved.
By the way. I am posting on HER account. I do not have my own. She has posting this question before as well, and I have posted this question on her account before but not received a beneficial answer that helps us.
She is my WIFE.
Am I no longer allowed to refer to her as my girlfriend?
I’m young. I don’t have the automatic instinct to refer to her as my wife in EVERY single paragraph I put in.
But instead of leaving helpful information? You troll on an OBVIOUS error in phrasing.
I will make sure to refer to her as such, FROM NOW ON, and nothing else.
I am sorry for the harsh and abrupt response.
I understand your POV.
I do make a strong habit of calling her my wife.
I try too in the strongest way.
Typing this up in such a hurry. I’ve typed this question a million times BEFORE we were married. and I’m basically rehashing that same information. But the situation is altered slightly.
We get along perfectly. No fights. Nothing. We’e both so young. and got married to be joined for this baby. It was a immature move maybe. But we’re trying to do everything for the baby’s sake.
I just am so stressed and bothered and I saw another (hopeful) answer to this dispute, and it was nothing helpful and it’s extremely discouraging.
Thank you for contributing to the discussion though.



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