Oxycodone Addiction Treatment With Naltrexone

Oxycodone Addiction: Naltrexone Injection?

It seems innocent enough. You’ve just had surgery, and you need to take painkillers while your body heals. The healing process takes longer than expected, you still have pain, so you keep taking painkillers. Before you know it, your body has become so accustomed to receiving regular doses of the painkiller, you’re hooked. What do you do?

This video discusses an option for treating addiction to opiates…



This video is for struggling opiate addicts who truly are relapsing and the whole back and forth fight. This is the answer to give people the time they need to get there lives back together with out an addictive relapse.


Oxycodone Addiction in the News

Oxycodone Addiction: Florida Leads Nation in Oxycodone Distribution
New data obtained from the federal government shows that more than a half billion doses of the drug Oxycodone were distributed in 2009, which is more than twice as much as any other state. The number of Oxycodone pills sold in the State of Florida has more than tripled since 2005.In a study done in 2009, prescription painkillers non-illicit opioids like Fentanyl, Hydrycodone and Oxycodone are…
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Oxycodone Addiction: Addiction treatment cuts draw criticism
BRUNSWICK — Days after Mid Coast Hospital’s Addiction Resource Center received acclaim for its treatment protocol and success rate in treating people with addictions to prescription opiates and heroin, the center’s director headed to Augusta today to plead with the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee not to cut funding to state substance abuse — and other Fund for a Healthy Maine — programs.
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Oxycodone Addiction: A decade later, war on prescription pills still rages
ASHCAMP — Shawn Clusky has seen every side of Kentucky’s battle with pain pill addiction. Clusky, who was raised in Pike County, first tried OxyContin at age 17 with his school buddies, shortly after the high-powered opioid painkiller went on the market.
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