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How to Detox Your Body – Meditation

How to Detox your Body – Meditation
http://detoxifyyourself.co/ – This is a short video on How to Detox Your Body – through meditation by Drew Taddia, author of Detoxify Yourself where he gives…


Chemical Dependence and Alcohol Help for New York

Chemical Dependence and Alcohol Help for New York
For the support and compion you need to begin recovery, turn to us. If you need help, New York residents, watch this video. No other model of drug and treatm…


Lyme Disease Dr Rick Sponaugle Heals 20 Year Old of Lyme Induced Depression

lyme disease Dr Rick Sponaugle heals 20 year old of Lyme induced depression
http://sponauglewellness.com/ | Dr Sponaugle healed 20 year old Brennen of his Lyme disease and Lyme induced chronic fatigue and depression. Sponaugle Wellne…


Dr. Rick Sponaugle Treats Brain Chemistry – Stops Sarah’s Suicidal Depression “He Saved My Life”

Dr. Rick Sponaugle treats brain chemistry – stops Sarah’s suicidal depression “He Saved My Life”
http://floridadetox.com – Sara – 26 years old – Suicidal Depression, Panic Disorder, Anxiety and Dyscoordination. Presented to Sponaugle Wellness Institute w…


Naltrexone Maintenance and Duration of Heroin blockers.Medical View on Duration of Naltrexone

Naltrexone maintenance and duration of heroin blockers.Medical view on duration of Naltrexone
e-mail: [email protected] Minimum period of opioid blockade. How to determine Naltrexone therapy duration? When is it necessary to prolong or renew Nal…


Heroin Gains a Deadly Foothold in Vermont

Heroin gains a deadly foothold in Vermont
Although Emerson says she is sober now, the battle against addiction still boils inside her and in the state she calls home. Vermont, according to its … Treatment for opiate abuse has skyrocketed almost eightfold statewide since 2000. Despite its … Read more… Continue reading