Open Question: Slow Methadone Taper While Pregnant???? Want My Baby Healthy!!! Stressed.?

Methadone Clinics: Open Question: slow methadone taper while pregnant???? want my baby healthy!!! stressed.?

I am 13 weeks pregnant right now and on 16mg of methadone [i was detoxing from 65mg before i was pregnant]. When i was younger i was addicted to drugs….I have been clean for OVER 2 years now. I found out i was pregnant when i was only 4 weeks and i immediatley stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking caffeine. I am serious about having a healthy baby and have done all i can. I know it is not an ideal situation [trust me i feel soooo stupid for ever getting on these meds] but MY BIRTH CONTROL FAILED and i am in a supportive relationship, have good family and finances and don’t believe in abortion. I was also prescribed 3mg of xanax daily for 4 years when i found out i was pregnant and so i went to the hospital and totally detoxed off the xanax with help from my OBGYN [it was HELL but i am that motivated so PLEASE do not say “oh but methadone is better than heroin so you must stay on it” because, well, a LOT of stuff is “better” than heroin but that doesnt mean its good for baby and i KNOW i would never put drugs in my body…i made it through the xanax withdrawal hell so i know for a fact i am strong enough to get off the methadone. I was on 18mg when i found out and the clinic i go to said they would NOT allow me to taper/detox and would call children services if i did and my OBGYN also said it wasn’t a good idea. However, after they saw me get off the xanax succesfully and finally saw that i really am trying my OBGYN AND the doctor at the clinic said i should have no problem getting off the methadone completly before baby is born! 🙂 They also treat me different now, i think before the detox they just thought i was another “junkie” and would use drugs if i got sick.. Anyways, i went down to 16mg 4 days ago and was a little uncomfortable [very very minor] but then last night i felt pretty sick and this morning i had the sweats and diarrehea, insomnia and gooseflesh and that very anxiou/skin crawling feeling. Now I can take it, its only nighttime and early morning but i worry about the baby. I am afraid to go to my docotor because i am afraid they will tell me to quit detoxing without even looking into how they can make it better [slower maybe?]. I wish my doctors would take this more seriously…i feel like they really don’t care that much about my baby because of my past and its SOOO frustrating because i want my baby to have the best start in life as possible. Has anyone out there tapered off methadone while pregnant? I really want to know if there is anything else i can do to make it better…like shouldn’t the doctor be seeing me more than usual, and shouldnt the clinic really be monitoring how i am feeling? I would feel better if i knew they were monitoring the babys growth. and is a little bit of withdrawal ok or can it cause development problems etc? Obviously if an OBGYN says my baby is not developing right etc i would stop the detox…..and trust me the doctors would NOT of let me detox if it was really bad…but they also don’t know i am getting a little sick. Also for those of you who think so having a baby on methadone is NOT 100% safe, there is low birth weight/dev issues and obviously the worst…weeks worth of withdrawl [and it doesnt matter how low your dose it]! I just cannot imagine seeing somone administer morphine to my baby or it getting so sick!!! I am SOOOO MAD AT MYSELF for getting on methadone and i feel like a horrible person. DO NOT want to have a baby born on any drug if i dont have to. I was wondering if it would be safe to just go to the hospital and have a medically supervised detox? Anyone do that? Cause the xanax hospital detox worked. Maybe i will go down 1mg at a time instead of 2 since i am so low now. Im freaking out…any knowledge about this would be helpful, but PLEASE dont be rude….im doing EVERYTHING i can and i dont believe in abortion.

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Methadone Clinics: Open Question: HELP! I’ve been taking methadone for almost 2 years now and my life has dramatically changed for the better.?

The problem is now I have to self-pay and I can’t afford it. I had been on state insurance, which covered treatment, but my insurance got canceled months ago, and I was never told. Somehow the methadone clinic kept billing my ins. even though they weren’t paying, so my bill just went up and up. I owe almost $ 4000.00 now, and was just told. They made a mistake and I have to pay for it. Besides that, treatment costs $ 300.00 a month, which I don’t have. I’m so scared and panicked and don’t know what to do. My husband makes enough money for our family of 3 to get by, and I have to stay home with our baby, and we just don’t have enough money to cover my treatment. I know if I stop treatment, I’ll go back to my old ways. I’m just not ready to go off. Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of assistance paying for methadone treatment? I love my life now, I’m a good mom and a good wife, but I realize I have a disease called addiction, and methadone treatment has helped me get my life on track more than I can even explain. I’ve never been happier or healthier. The clinic is giving me to the 20th of this month to figure out my plan- 300 dollars monthly, plus at least $ 100 a month to start paying the debt (that’s not even my fault, but arguing would get me nowhere). Thanks for your time and suggestions. Much love.

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