Migraines, Help!?

Question by ?????: Migraines, help!?
I’ve tried NEARLY ALL the TRIPTANS and preventative medicines, they dont work. Even imitrex doesnt work.Even if they are not chemically migraines, but cluster headahces, i still get migraine symptoms. The fiorinal works about 85% of the time when taken as prescribed, and I never want to take more than it says because my doctor told me not to. However, the other fifteen percent of the time the migraines are so bad (usually a strong vomiting feeling with dizziness, sensitivity to light and noise and extreme pain). This doesnt happen very often, but I was wondering if anything is prescribed as a second line medicine for such occasions. I looked online and found that srtronger medicines exist but they are very controlled. Is it unheard of for a migraineur to get an Rx to something like Dilaudid or Demerol? Should I consider asking my doctor? I don’t want him to think badly of me so I am asking on the forum first. Thanks so much for your inputs.

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Answer by xaviar_onasis
Depends on the doctor. Most doctors will evaluate your history to make a decision. There are neurologists who specialize in migraines who may be more understanding.

Generally, a patient will seek treatment at the ER if migraines are severe enough to require heavy narcotics. When a patient has a history of treatment with Demerol for instance, a physician might be more willing to prescribe it for home use.

The problem overall is that migraines and the severity of the pain they cause are not something you can see on an x-ray. You are relying on a patient’s testimony. And patients will sometimes exaggerate or lie outright. So, looking at behavior and past history is one sort of visible evidence and treatment guide.

Just be willing to try what your doctor suggests without insisting on something stronger. You have to let his treatment choice fail before you can move to another treatment.

Answer by Tony G
I don’t get migrains myself, but my wife gets them every now and then. She says try lying down in a completely dark room with a cold compress over your eyes for a couple of hours. You may fall asleep, but is that so bad? Just thought I’d help!