Methadone(opiate Addiction)?

Question by Tom: Methadone(opiate addiction)?
I’m starting, hopefully, my methadone treatment tomorrow. I’ve been on heroin in the past, the last time I’ve used heroin was over three years ago. Except for one slip up about 7 months ago. Well ever since I put heroin down three years ago(cold turkey) I’ve been abusing pills, up until one year I found suboxone/subutex. It was great I would take it daily but not be high I’d be just “normal” and “level”, plus it took away my depression so it was my wonder drug until I couldn’t afford the Dr and could find them on the street anymore. I have never been through a worst withdrawal or ever felt worst than coming off of buprenorphine. I just can’t function, eat, think, sleep anything of course add on the typical opiate withdrawal symptoms. The last subutex I took was about 3-4 days ago and withdrawal is already here. So I guess my question is will I have a problem at the clinic getting dosed tomorrow? Am I making a mistake by going on methadone? I just can’t come off of buprenorphine, I’ve even tried tapering down I can’t do it. I honestly want off all drugs and to be done with all of this. I had an easier time coming off of heroin than buprenorphine. Someone anyone advice please ASAP.

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Answer by Kevin
If you can’t beat the withdrawals yourself, you may want to consider the methadone treatment. I can’t stand the stuff. It was terrible. Brought be back to when I was using. I did subox for less than a month and then kicked it all. It hurts, man, I know… But it’s worth it to feel that pain. Makes you think harder the next time you have those thoughts.

Answer by LeftOver Crizack
suboxone is 10x stonger than heroin thats why you are having such a hard time with it. Id go to the clinic and get what they say and listen to them for they are professionals anyone on here is just a random joe and most likely dont know what they are talking about. See what the Dr recommend for you