Methadone in Healthy Goats – Pharmacokinetics, Behaviour and Blood Pressure.

Methadone in healthy goats – Pharmacokinetics, behaviour and blood pressure.
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Res Vet Sci. 2013 Mar 26;
Olsén L, Olsson K, Hydbring-Sandberg E, Bondesson U, Ingvast-Larsson C

The pharmacokinetics and effects of the opioid methadone on behaviour, arterial blood pressure, heart rate and haematocrit were studied in goats. Two goats received methadone (0.2mg/kg) intravenously and the terminal half-life was 88 and 91min, the volume of distribution 8.4 and 6.1L/kg, and clearance 86 and 123mL/min/kg. In a crossover study eight goats received methadone (0.6mg/kg) or 0.15M NaCl subcutaneously (SC). After SC administration bioavailability was complete and the terminal half-life was 215±84min (mean±SD), Tmax 31±15min and Cmax 45±11ng/mL. Blood pressure and haematocrit increased while heart rate did not change. The goats did not ruminate and they climbed, scratched, gnawed and showed tail-flicking after SC methadone in contrast to NaCl administration. The use of methadone in goats may be restricted due to the inhibition of rumination and the rather short half-life.


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