Methadone Clinics: Why Is My Roommate So Paranoid (Pilled Out?)?

Question by Miranda: why is my roommate so paranoid (pilled out?)?
have had a roommate living with me for 8 months (her and her family) while they get back on there feet…and this whole time she’s been in the methadone program getting off pain pills . She had a bad addiction. Well now her man is going FOR her to get a sript because apparently she’s been cut off everywhere. I have been hanging out with a new friend who happens to get them as well since she has cancer and many medical problems. Well my roomate has been wanting to hang out with us but honestly I don’t want her bugging her for pills you know? So she has felt left out to begin with but that’s how it is. Last night she gave me a pill for my shoulder and i told my friend on the phone she gave me a 15 and my friend was like “wow those are strong. Where is her clinic?” So I asked my roomate where she went and she went physcho on me saying “im not telling her anything so she can make a plan to ruin my rep at the clinic. Im sick of ppl getting me cut off ” blah blah.And all night she was telling me now she knows why she can’t hang out with us since I must talk crap about her to my new friend and my new friend has this plan to get rid of her and cut her off her pain meds and blah blah. WTF??? *not to mention she rarley pays me for rent, im the only one with a job in the house and she was gonna charge me for the pill she gave me.

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Answer by Christy Taylor
Find a way to get out of the living situation between you and her. Her addiction is stressing you out and it will probably just get worse. Your room mate is the only person who can help herself. You’re just there for her to gripe at and use. She is definitely ill and she needs proper care and probably needs to be in more than just a methadone program. Addiction is extremely difficult to stop. She has to want to stop. So if she’s still finding a way to get high in any other way then she’s not really committed and it’s only hurting you. Don’t feel bad about kicking her out if you have to. You aren’t the one addicted to pills. You didn’t do anything to make her this way. Her family will have to suffer from her behavior which is so unfortunate. It breaks my heart for you. You are being used. It’s better to be an enemy than be a door mat. You don’t need this drama in your life and you’ll feel a heck of a lot better once the problem is in the distance.

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