Question by C/0 ’09_R.I.P kING MJ: ……Mario?
I think Mario’s voice is amazinggggg i downloaded this song from him called “Right n Wrong Way” i believe it’s off this new cd n he sung it so beautifully. He can sing n dance n does it both equally well. N his show just shows another side of him. I’m truly a big fan. He’s another artist that i just can’t wait until their cd comes out. His last one was good 2. But what’s ur thoughts on Mario, his music n his show.

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Answer by whtevr
i think he’s AMAZING! even though his super good new songs “how do i breathe” and “crying out for me” isnt really popular, its sooo good. the only song by him that actually plays on the radio is “let me love you” and tahts wrote by ne yo. a lot of people dont really find mario as good because his songs doesnt spread out. but truly, he got talent. i just dont know why the radio doesnt play his songs

Answer by MusicalHeart
he’s definitely underrated

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