How Do You Detox at Home From Heroin?

Question by : How do you detox at home from heroin?

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Answer by neonxpolkaxdots
Depends on what your tolerance is. If you were shooting like 5 units a day then it’s not gona be that bad but if it takes you like 100 units just to get well then you’re gona go through hell.

I detoxed on a greyhound bus on my way to rehab.

Tylenol PM and Melatonin should help with sleep. Also showering and getting out of bed are really helpful. Trust me its gona be the LAST thing you want to do but do it anyway, it helps. Or take a bath with epsom salt…also very helpful. Drinking water will help with the headaches.

Also, valarium root is good, its like a natural form of valium. Any benzodiazapines will help.

And this website helped me through a few detoxes:

If you want to talk, I’ve kicked heroin. I had a $ 300/day habbit. I’ve also kicked other drugs. I’ve been clean for a little while. Email me anytime,

Also read this over and over:

You CAN quit! I promise, this will be over soon! The detox does not last forever. You’re doing so great. Grow some balls and kick. It’s almost over.

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