Heroin-Methadone Detoxing (NEED HELP FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW)?

Question by JJJJackieeee: Heroin-Methadone Detoxing (NEED HELP FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW)?
I was using heroin for a year and then decided to get my **** together and started to take methadone. I detoxed at my own will only to find out that I screwed my self over. I am begining my first semester at college and can’t afford to misss classes. I have had to start using again, just to be able to go to classes. I want to get away from all of this garbage but can’t find anywhere or anyone to give me advice who is not looking to profit off of my misery. I NEED HELP, and quick. please help. thanks

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Answer by LaLaBaByXoXo
WOW! Well I know first hand how hard Methadone is to come off of, your best try would be to go to a Subtoxin clinic which doesn’t make you sick, just helps your brain not to crave the drugs. Its very VERY helpful. Google & find a Subtoxin clinic near you.

Answer by SmileItsNotThatSerious
Hey hon! Take heart, it is totally possible to get off!
Detoxing off heroin cold turkey will likely live you with some problems that could interfere with your studies, so may I recommend the PAIN FREE method?
Go BACK to the methadone clinic. Get on a dose of no higher than 40 mgs/day. Trust me, you can shoot up two bundles a day and not need more than that if you are serious about a better life and not just looking to “nod” out.
Now, stay on the meth a month or so, just so your body can recover from the ups and downs you have been going through. Get yourself into a study schedule, get HAPPY about your life.
Then, reduce your methadone dose at 3 mgs/week until you reach around 20 mgs. Take BREAKS every few weeks, just to relax! This is not a race. Then, go down 2 mgs per week until 15-12 mgs. Then, go down 1 per week until like 9 mgs or around that. Next, go down 0.5 mgs per week, until you are done!!!
Like I said, take breaks every three weeks or so. Take a week off, or a month off, from lowering your dose. The longer you feel stable at a lower dose, the easier your detox becomes!! Trust me, if you are doing it this way, not using heroin or coke, and you are enjoying your life at school and working hard, you won’t even think about meth, dope, or the detox any longer than it take to go to the clinic!!
MANY people did it this way, without ANY suffering. The body can naturally adjust if you give it time. Withdrawls are NOTHING more than your body functioning normally, you’ve just been sedated for so long that it is unpleasant to return to normal, if you do it quickly.
In this time, take a PRENATAL vitamin from the health store. You need extra nutrition to feel good!
Tho you are not pregnant, check out this site for another woman’s successful slow methadone detox:

At the clinic, you’ll get lots of NEGATIVE energy, so it helps to stay in touch with positive people!

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