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How Effective Is Heroin on Functionality?

Question by stupidquestions: How effective is heroin on functionality?
To clarify my question:
In my experience, after smoking a reasonable/moderate amount of marijuana I’m still able to function pretty normally, or at least pretend to be doing so. I can carry out tasks, do work, think logically,… Continue reading

#TheStump: Josh Maxwell – Candidate in PA's 74th State Legislative District

#TheStump: Josh Maxwell – candidate in PA's 74th state legislative district
Look into the eyes of a 22-year old recovering heroin addict at a halfway house and you'll see that drug addiction must be treated as a disease we must cure and not a crime. Growing up, I had a… Continue reading

Help Getting Off Heroin?

Question by bobby joe: help getting off heroin?
I have been using opiates for about 2 years and I started back using black tar heroin about a month ago. I have been using it every day and most days multiple times a day. I am blowing so much money and… Continue reading

A Look at Heroin Use in Nebraska

A look at heroin use in Nebraska
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services says that from 2000 through 2010, less than 1 percent of drug abusers seeking treatment in Nebraska for alcohol and drug abuse were seeking help for heroin addiction. For example, of the more than …
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States Look to Naloxone to Cure America's Overdose Epidemic

States look to naloxone to cure America's overdose epidemic
As naloxone legislation moves from state to state, we take a look at the drug itself to better understand how it works and why it's up for debate. Throughout the article, Guardian readers who responded for an earlier feature on heroin… Continue reading

What Are the Effects-Short and Long Term of Heroin Usage?

Question by Destiny M: What are the effects-short and long term of Heroin usage?
I am writing this report for science.

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Answer by hiphopapotamuz

Answer by Marko
short term: good mood, happiness, being content. lack of caring or significant emotion. impaired reactions.… Continue reading