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Albany Dems Prepare Plan to Attack Heroin Abuse

Albany Dems prepare plan to attack heroin abuse
ALBANY — Democrats in the New York State Legislature said Tuesday they are preparing a major response to what they termed a heroin epidemic in New York as they released statistics showing sharply increased usage statewide. In 2012, 478 people in …
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Ibogaine / Iboga – Opiate & Heroin Addiction Detox Treatment

Ibogaine / Iboga – Opiate & Heroin Addiction Detox Treatment — An short overview of the Addiction Detox Program at Iboga Wellness Center, Costa Rica. Our 10 day or 30 day opiate, heroin, Suboxone, Methadone, etc. medical…

Fort Wayne IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Drug Detoxification Program
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SALOME Study: Treatment of Heroin Addiction (1/2)

SALOME Study: Treatment of Heroin Addiction (1/2) — The SALOME Study will test whether hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), a licensed medication, is as good as diacetylmorphine, the active ingredient of heroin, in bene…

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What Is the Appeal of HEROIN?

Question by F: What is the appeal of HEROIN?
I was wondering why Anna Nicole Smith (and so many other people!) became addicted to it. What does it feel like to be high on heroin?? (I would never do it, by the way; I am just wondering!!) Does… Continue reading

Crime Fighters – Wrap Up

Crime Fighters – Wrap Up — Repeat Offenders continue to drive Lexington’s crime rate. Heroin Addiction is ensnaring the rich, suburban population across America. The number of Drug Ove…

The Cheapest Beach Badges in New Jersey: Atlantic City Tops List
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How Do You Detox at Home From Heroin?

Question by : How do you detox at home from heroin?

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Answer by neonxpolkaxdots
Depends on what your tolerance is. If you were shooting like 5 units a day then it’s not gona be that bad but if it takes you like 100 units just to get well… Continue reading