Heroin Addiction Knows No Boundaries

Heroin Addiction is Everywhere

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Heroin addiction is everywhere. It’s not confined to inner city slums but is found even in professionals such as doctors and lawyers. Every day, thousands of people worldwide are engaged in the battle against heroin addiction.

Methadone clinics are helping many addicts, providing them with an alternative  to stop using heroin and other opiod drugs.

Unfortunately, many addicts don’t have access to methadone clinics, and many of those who do go to clinics end up replacing their heroin addiction with an addiction to methadone.

Addiction knows no boundaries, and can strike at anyone; but with the proper attention, it can be beaten. Heroin addiction does not only affect the actual user but draws family and friends into the battle as well.

Heroin Addiction Rehab Starts With Recognizing Problem

The first step in battling heroin addiction is for the addict to admit they have a problem then and only then can affective rehabilitation start. This is a job that must go through professional drug rehabilitation. It is virtually impossible to combat this terrible addiction without professional help.

If you are fighting an addiction to heroin, you should check yourself into a rehab program. It is most important that you do not let your financial situation, regardless of what it may be, stop you from getting professional help. There are many rehabilitation clinics that offer programs for those with little or no income. State medical programs often cover this type of treatment.

Depending on your level of heroin addiction, your stay in a drub rehabilitation program will last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Methadone, as a heroin replacement, is administered in increasingly smaller doses, to wean your body gradually off of the drug.

For some, however, under certain medical circumstances, it may be necessary to go through a complete and rapid detoxification process, to get the drug out of your system completely. Obviously every case is different, and there are several schools of thought on which type of detoxification works best; but the fact remains that heroin addiction is a destructive, dangerous and in some cases deadly habit.

Support Is Vital Both during And After The Rehab Program

As with any other substance addiction, even after you have completed a rehabilitation program, heroin addiction will be a daily battle. It is imperative that you own your addiction and make the conscious choice to not give into the cravings.

It is much easier to do this if you have a healthy support system in place as you go through the program and most definitely before you are released from your rehabilitation program. Family and friends are a great comfort, as long as they were not enabling your addiction prior to rehabilitation; and there are countless support groups available, such as Narcotics Anonymous, where you can find daily support from those who are just like you.

By admitting that you have a heroin addiction you have taken the first most important step along the road to recovery. Now do whatever it takes to fight this deadly drug – your family, your friends, and, most importantly, your very life will be changed for the best as you overcome this heroin addiction.

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