Hello My Husband Is Addicted to painkillers…What Can I Do?

Question by Ashamed: Hello My husband is addicted to painkillers…What can i do?
My hubby is addicted to painkillers and he currently admitts that he has a problem. But he is ashamed to go to rehab. or seek some help from his doctor. Is there some herbal medicine that may help with his withdrawls.He currently has the hot/cold flashes, sleepness night, just plan agitated at times for no reason. Please any help would be much appericated. Thank You All.

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Answer by Crazeddoglady
No – he absolutely must admit his problem to his doctor and get the help he needs.

Answer by matthu
He needs to get some serious sleep. Try some childrens liquid benedryl cheap at Walmart and then prob’ly seek some medical help. I too had some similar problems,. Good luck,..

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