For a Impatient Rehab Center to Help My Daughter.. Pro Bono?

Question by nufarina: for a impatient rehab center to help my daughter.. pro bono?
please help my daughter kristy. she is in real, real bad shape. she is 30 years old and she is a very heavy drinker. she has been drinking for over 10 years and she is going to die very soon if she does not get into a in patient rehab. she wants to get help but we cant find a place that will take her. we don’t have any money. it has been a long, long ten years. please, help my kristy, she can not die. please help. thanks, gm (kristys mom). my faith is shakin, please help my daughter. there has just got to be some place that will help, please……

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Answer by elegant^^beauty
i would if i knew a place. drinking does lead to a early grave and she needs to stop asap

Answer by raysny
Rehabs do not fix people, they merely provide the truly motivated a safe place to be while the alcohol or drugs is leaving the person’s system. In exchange, they indoctrinate people into a religious program. Rehabs have only a slightly better success rate that meetings alone. AA meetings have about a 5% success rate, the same as quiiting on one’s own, however many more people quit on their own before ever getting to AA or treatment:

“There is a high rate of recovery among alcoholics and addicts, treated and untreated. According to one estimate, heroin addicts break the habit in an average of 11 years. Another estimate is that at least 50% of alcoholics eventually free themselves although only 10% are ever treated. One recent study found that 80% of all alcoholics who recover for a year or more do so on their own, some after being unsuccessfully treated. When a group of these self-treated alcoholics was interviewed, 57% said they simply decided that alcohol was bad for them. Twenty-nine percent said health problems, frightening experiences, accidents, or blackouts persuaded them to quit. Others used such phrases as “Things were building up” or “I was sick and tired of it.” Support from a husband or wife was important in sustaining the resolution.”
Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction — Part III, The Harvard Mental Health Letter, October 1995.

Over 90% of the rehabs in the US are 12step based, the vast majority of the rest are Narconon (Scientology) or heavily religious.

These courts have all ruled that AA is “religious in nature” and that mandated AA is a violation of the Establishment Clause:
The New York Court of Appeals.
The Second Federal District Court. (NY, VT, CT)
The Seventh Federal District Court. (WI, IN, IL)
The Ninth Federal District Court. (MT, ID, WA, OR, NV, CA, AZ, HI, AK)
The Tennessee Supreme Court.

AA isn’t about quitting, it’s about getting right with God, quitting drinking is see as a byproduct of your new relationship with your “Higher Power”.

“Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.” Big Book, pg 77

“What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do About It”:

After all that, if you still want your daughter to go to rehab, take her to Social Services, if she is elligible she may get emergency Medicaid to pay for treatment.