Endometriosis Treatment Options? What Is Your Personal Experience With Different BC Methods?

Question by arc95: Endometriosis treatment options? What is your personal experience with different BC methods?
I am 19 years old and I have had issues with endo for about six years. My symptoms and pain have been progressively getting worse by the day it seems. I was prescribed desogen when I was 16. I was on that between 8 months and a year. I had a kind of negative reaction mentally and emotionally. I became very depressed as a result of the hormones. Once I got off the birth control my emotional symptoms seemed to disappear but my endo symptoms got worse. I did not use anything to treat my endo for about a year and then I decided that I needed to do something to hopefully curb the pain somewhat. I went back to the doctor and was prescribed Yaz. I absolutely hated it. I was extremely emotionally unstable even to the point of suicidal thoughts. I got off Yaz within a month or so, needless to say that did nothing for me.

I haven’t treated my endo at all since then and I had developed a very big drug problem with opiates initially, which escalated into heroin addiction to help with the pain and to get through the day. I have gotten clean recently and my sobriety is very important to me and in order to maintain that I need to find a treatment for my endo that works because my pain is the main reason for me falling back into drugs repeatedly.

So beyond all my frustration, my question just boils down to what are your personal experiences with treatment for endo? I am considering trying birth control again and I’ve heard some promising things about seasonale. I was wondering if anyone has used it and if it has been effective and what side effects that you have run into. Also I thinking about the patch and again any side effects that go along with that. If anyone has any specific suggestions I would greatly appreciate it especially if you have had any similar problems with finding the right treatment.
Also does anyone have any experience with Lybrel? I began looking into it as well, and I want to know how others have done on this medication….and seasonale and seasonique.

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Answer by live laugh love
hi and thank you of answering my question as well.
here is an article about some treatment options for endo.

also heres articles of woman who used seasonale it tells about why they used it, how long they used it, what problems and symptoms they had with using it and comments from the woman themself about the drug

im going to try the mirena iud method but with all medicines theres pros and cons to them. i hope you get better soon and i hope that the articles help

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