Effective Heroin Rehab for the New Year

Oklahoma- For many heroin addicts, 2011 was a year filled with sorrow and hardship. Addiction to heroin causes a person to develop an uncontrollable desire to feed their drug habit. Although many of them wish to live a normal life, they are unable to simply quit the use of heroin. Drug rehabilitation is necessary to help a heroin addict find sobriety, but with so many options for treatment, finding the most effective heroin rehab can be a challenge.

One former heroin addict, Danielle, explains how Narconon Arrowhead gave her the tools to have prolonged sobriety and get back the life she so severly missed for years.

“Heroin controlled my life for almost ten years,” said Danielle, graduate of the Narconon program. “I tried several other programs, including twelve steps, but always reverted back to drug use.”

Narconon Arrowhead offers an alternative to the traditional twelve step heroin rehabs by offering a long term inpatient treatment program that helps the individual handle all aspects of heroin addiction. The facility provides real solutions for this devastating addiction and has been helping addicts to fully recover from addiction since the 1960’s.

 “Narconon was the one program that really worked for my heroin addiction,” adds Danielle. “After completing the sauna detoxification portion of the program, I no longer had cravings for heroin. This was something I had never experienced before with any other program I had been through. “

Narconon Arrowhead features a state-of-the-art heroin rehab center, including a unique sauna detoxification program which rids the body of toxins left by drugs and alcohol and drastically reduces physical drug cravings. Over 70% of addicted individuals are able to permanently leave substance abuse problems behind for good and permanently recover from addiction.

“Thanks to Narconon, I have been sober from heroin and all other drugs for almost two years,” says Danielle. “I graduated the Narconon program and haven’t looked back. This is the heroin rehab which gives you the tools to have a successful, drug-free life.”

For more information on Narconon program or to find a heroin rehab center for you or a loved one contact Narconon today at 800-468-6933.


One of the largest and most successful drug rehabs in the world.

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