East Bridgewater Advocates Urge Parents: 'Don'T Be Blindsided' by Child's Drug

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Heroin Home Detox: East Bridgewater advocates urge parents: 'Don't be blindsided' by child's drug
Meanwhile, Silva, the East Bridgewater mother, said her son tried to hide his heroin addiction by using needles in places not visible to her eye. “He was shooting up between his toes so no one would notice,” Silva said. He went into detox programs a
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Heroin Home Detox: Families seek justice for victims; dealer sentenced to 5 years
But her son did seek help, including entering a detox program. At the time of his death, he was not using heroin, his mother said. The only needle mark on him was the one that killed him. She said her son expressed concern about his personal safety.
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Heroin Home Detox: Foster mom sues after contracting hepatitis C
MW soon went to bed, but the house wasn't quiet for long. After hearing someone banging against the walls, Iezzi rushed downstairs. She found MW in a convulsed state from a heroin and cocaine overdose. “She was crazy, wild,” says Iezzi.
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