Drugs and Pills and All That Good Stuff?

Question by Adam B: drugs and pills and all that good stuff?
finally my account is un suspended and i wanna ask some questions
first off

Does Vitamin B3 help wash THC out of your system because i heard it was an equvilant to niacin to some extent
second i wanna know if people on here think somone who smokes marijuana has a drug problem because i dont think so

2nd how much ritalin do you have to snort to get addicted to it?

how can i help somone who is addicted to ritalin to stop, i have a friend whos addicted and i feel bad for him so i turn away and it dissapears (as of said im not drug dealing ritalin) i told him to stop takeing the shit but i dont think its gunna happen. whats it feel like to be addicted and whats the withdrawl like (i know short term use withdrawl) and i found that out the hard way so no lecture shit, i have friends who get high off of ibuprofen How bad is that for you nose and brain if you snort it
thanks connor
i told him to stop and he told me that he is stopping gradually he whent from A’s to R’s (thats a pretty big step because iv tryed both and A’s and 3 times as strong/addictive)

Best answer:

Answer by Connor H
Well first of all, those are many seperate questions.

Most people who smoke pot do not have a drug problem. As a recovering heroin addict, I can tell you what it is like to be addicted. The best way I can describe it is that you want it more than anything. You want it before sex, food, water, nothing is more important than getting your fix.

My family and friends tried everything to get me to stop using. None of it worked until I was willing to help myself, the best you can do is help your friend if he wants it, otherwise I would keep my distance. All that drug addicts understand is tuff love. “Helping” them in the traditional sense does not work.

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