Drug Agents: Heroin Use Rising

Drug agents: Heroin use rising
“There were about 21 young people in the group and we were talking about heroin and how dangerous it is,” said Faulkner, an official with Bradford Health Services, a drug and alcohol treatment facility. “Heroin, like all illegal drugs, is a very … Read more on Times Daily

Ex-Drug and Porn Addict Dave's Story
The, that afternoon, my counselor at the treatment center asked me to tell him about my personal belief in God. By heart, I recited to him all that I had learned about God growing up in church and … My family would not speak to me, my friends would … Read more on Crossmap (blog)

Historic Utah heroin bust may have impacted many lives
Often times, those users end up in rehab. According to the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, 17,264 people were admitted to publicly funded drug treatment centers in 2012. Of those, 21.2 percent said heroin or other opiates were their … Read more on Salt Lake Tribune