Drug Abuse Is Common Among Women – Dr Agbonile

Drug Abuse Is Common Among Women – Dr Agbonile
Due to the fact that the term "Drug" is being used to refer to both medicinal and non medicinal use or abuse, drug dependence experts prefer to refer to drugs that are abused as "substances". This is to differentiate between the licit or medicinal use … Read more on AllAfrica.com

Second chances can be costly
The attorney general believes addicts are better treated than punished and contends that their imprisonment needlessly inflates our already elevated incarceration rates. Let's consider those assertions sequentially. Addicts are sick. A heroin junkie … Read more on St. Louis Beacon

Drug users save lives
A campaign on YouTube aims to convince governments around the world to distribute the drug to lower the overdose death rate. MAN (YouTube … Dr Alex Wodak is a retired addiction specialist who worked with drug users in Sydney for 30 years. He's not … Read more on ABC Online