Does This Dude Have an Addiction or Just Mental Problems?

Question by Corey: Does this dude have an addiction or just mental problems?
To spend like 10 or more hours a day online in a chat room cuz that’s where all your “friends” and “gf” is….no interest in spending time looking for real life friends and considering the girls you talk to in the chat as real relationships that will go somehere? he seems to prefer online relationships to real ones and has no desire to even learn to drive when almost 17 and considers this chat room his “heroin”? does he have an addiction to this or is he just living in a fantasy world? just wondering your opinions. thanks

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Answer by im G
he has problems

Answer by gorgeousgab
More like living in a fantasy world. In high school a lot of my friends would spend hours in chat rooms. i didn’t get it. I mean, I’d spend hours on the computer too, but not in chat rooms making conversation with someone i don’t know, but a few of my friends actually met their bf’s (all exes now) online. Some people have a hard time talking to people in person I guess. I guess it is kind of fanatical. Its like virtual reality in away…anyway..oh, and i know people who never got their license and didn’t care about driving and all that at 17 and still dont at 22…i got mine as soon as i could, i was the only one in my group who had mine. so i think hes being a normal delusional kid. he’ll grow out of it. or he’ll live with his parents for the rest of his life.