Does My Mom Sound Like a Bad Mom?

Question by Im not telling!: Does my mom sound like a bad mom?
When I was little (3-9) we were really close. She used to read me stories every night before I went to bed. My dad was always a dick. I can’t remember details…all I know is when he would come home after work I would run and hide from him. He used to TRY to help me with homework…but that never helped. He’d ask me a question from the homework paper, and if I missed it he would make me do push-ups. Sometimes until 11 o’clock at night, we would be up. I would sit it my room and cry but my mom would make it better.


When I was around 10 years old my parent’s got a divorce. I was really happy to get away from my dad. Me and my mom were still kind-of close until I was about 12. We would go see movies some nights. But I gradually kept spending more and more time in my bedroom by myself. Now I’m 14, and sometimes I go through the weekend without talking to her…but she doesn’t mind. She’s become more and more…bitchy. All she ever talks about is how my grades are falling, that my hair looks weird, or that my clothes look funny. Whenever I try to talk to her she yells at me. Even when I tried to talk to her about not being able to talk to her she yelled at me…lol. Sometimes it’s really boring or lonely in my room. I started smoking pot in order to escape and not be as lonely (pot makes me talk alot…to my friends through texting). Sometimes I go to my dad’s house…not that often. He’s gotten weird to. He has a mullet, and he’s started smoking cigars. My chorus teacher has taken note of the fact that I don’t spend much time with my mom at all. He..tries to help…but makes me feel like I’m the one who’s done something wrong. Then i feel bad that I don’t talk to her. I feel like I’m the one who’s staying disconnected. When I had just turned 14, I was really bad about drugs. I was looking really hard for XTC and even experimented with “hillbilly heroin” and alcohol. I used to hide like…60% vodka in my room. I’ve stopped doing so many drugs now…all I do is occasional dope. Am I the bad son? Really, all I’m doing at this point is waiting until my 18th birthday.
Dont get me wrong…I do other things too.
I dj, make music (possibly on iTunes soon), design websites, raise bonsai trees, opened a dog clothing company, and give life advice…oh and photography, and make candles. I do alot of stuff on the side.

I forgot to mention above that my grades are also dropping, ever since I turned 13.
One more thing…I have a sister that turned out to be a great person. She has an awesome job in San Fransisco and she used to model.

Then a brother who just got out of jail and has no job… so you see the both sides of my family

And I’m worried that I going to turn out like my brother because my grades are dropping and I started drugs…that’s what my mom said.
So lets get something clear about my dad.

a) he abandoned me in the woods
b) he abandoned me in a parking lot
c) he left me at my birthday party with no ride home
d) he let me chew tobacco when I was 3-6 years old
e) he would let me eat plants in the garden.
f) he’s the one that told me pot wasn’t dangerous.
g) He is currently trying to steal $ 1800 from me in medical benifits from when an alcoholic 15 year old tripped me down the stairs (compound fracture, right arm)
h) he is making me buy my own car and buy my own gas and my own insurance “aww, hell! You don’t need a car until your 18 years old anyway” -My Dad!

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Answer by Thumper
Don’t turn to drugs my friend, do something that will be useful to yourself

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