Does Anyone Here Have Any Information on Buprenorphine as a Substance Abuse Treatment?

Question by ariah s: Does anyone here have any information on buprenorphine as a substance abuse treatment?
I have read some stuff that claim that methadone can be addictive as well. Of course, if the intake is facilitated properly, the chances that one will overdose is slim. But I have recently heard about buprenorphine and I was just wondering about whether this is better than methadone when it comes to the treatment of substance abuse.

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Answer by aiyana ss
It has been stated by the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, that just a single injection of buprenorphine is able to block the effects of heroin and relieve heroin craving and withdrawal symptoms for up to 6 weeks. Tests also showed that the formulation of buprenorphine appeared to be safe and well-tolerated, with no side effects or signs of respiratory depression or opioid intoxication. In addition, patients also did not need additional medication for relief from withdrawal. All in all, buprenorphine seems to be an appealing and effective treatment option for heroin and other opioid addicts.

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