Do You Think Once a Heroin Addict Allways a Heroin Addict ??

Question by hooter: do you think once a heroin addict allways a heroin addict ??
i have a friend who has been clean for 3 months but been in rehab 3 times.should i believe that this could be him clean for good or am i getting my hopes up?

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Answer by devildoll502
Dont get your hopes up just in case. If he has been in rehab 3 times there is a chance he could go back again. But stay strong for your friend, and be there for him when he needs it. Tell him how much it means for you for him to be clean. If he doesnt seem like he is apreciative of it, I am sure he really is. It is really hard to overcome a drug addiction. And it takes a lot of will power. So if you think that you could help him in anyway, do it. The more you help and let him grow strong there is a chance he will break the habit. It took a lot of time for me to stop doing speed and other drugs. But the love of another, and his help just made me want to stop. So I did….

Answer by kiya
I think the only time a person can really get off drugs or overcome anything is to have God in their life. that’s probably why she or he keeps going back. I know they mean well trying to stay off and only God can help them. If they get to know God I think that there’s help because that’s the only person that can keep them from that. I have a uncle that’s on drugs really bad and stays in jail from that stuff. We keep praying for him to overcome his drug addiction. I hope things get better for your friend.