Do You Think He Ran Away From Me & Our Relationship Because He’s Ashamed of Himself?

Question by Fallen Angel.: Do you think he ran away from me & our relationship because he’s ashamed of himself?
I’m 18; he’s 20.
We’re both introverts, we both don’t date hardly at all, but when we met there was that instant connection. I’m just saying I have out off relationships and guys because I wanted to meet someone that was the real thing, perfect for me.. And I swear I found him. I believe he felt the same because he told me he doesn’t go out much or take girls out, he told me he was hoping I was this good thing he has been waiting for (he wasn’t trying to get in my pants; he isn’t like that, he’s the real deal).

He has grown up with a rougher life, and yes he has turned to some alcohol and drugs. Bad drugs… Like heroin, occasionally doing meth. Like once in a blue moon. But he was doing heroin (and still is) every 3-5 days or so. He didn’t know that I knew he did drugs, my friend had told me because she dated his other friend.

I’m pretty much not like that at all. Everyone describes me as perfect (I’m not trying to brag I swear), they call me gorgeous, I am smart- that I take pride in, and I’m unique and I just idk am different. Things were going well, but right before our date where we were supposed to meet once again after not seeing each other for a few weeks (we kept texting every so often) he just stopped talking to me.

He didn’t show up to our date, he hasn’t returned my texts or calls (I’ve texted him 3 times and left 2 voicemails over the past week and a half.. It’s been 3 days that I haven’t done anything). But I guess I just don’t understand. I’m not angry at all, just confused. I don’t know the problems he is facing, so I can’t judge. I just want to hear from him again. I don’t know why he would just out of the blue stop talking to me, especially right before out date… He told me he couldn’t wait to see me. He doesn’t throw words around either, like he hasn’t said anything like this to me before. He’s selective with what he says.

Anyways, what are your thoughts? I can’t forget about him, because when you’re like me, and you’ve been lonely your whole life, then you finally meet someone and there is this instant connection, it’s a real release. I just can’t forget about this guy.

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Answer by Sunny
Forget all your troubles, forget all your woes: forget about him…

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