Discharged From Pain Management – Only Need Preauthorization Then Failed Drug Test?!?

Question by Liberty: Discharged from Pain Management – Only Need Preauthorization then Failed Drug Test?!?

On the 15th I had a pain management appointment about 1 hour from where I live. I had to pay $ 150 cash then $ 250 cash all other other times; at that first visit all of it seemed great. I told him how I was downgraded from instant release Oxycodone 30mg 4x per day MS Contn 30mg or Oxycontin 30mg to Roxycodone 5x per day with 3x 30mg MS Contin or 2x 60mg Oxyconitn.

Well anyway I told him that I was to run out of meds so he wrote the prescription for the 21st so insurance would go through. The ER med he put me on was Opana and I was so excited to try two different IR and ER working drug classes to actually work and relieve my pain. I called for 7 days straight just to authorize it.

He made me come in and then acted like he didn’t know I was on the MS Contin. Then with no appointment – I was called in and presumed it was for authorized prescriptions – he and the supervisor pulled me in the back and urine drug test me. I don’t even believe it was a lab test but a pull off urine sample sticker.

I was discharged for Heroin, a Heroin metabolite? I don’t understand. Suppose I did fail fort his, I have before for MS Contin because it’s Morphine and Heroin is derived from Morphine and also converts into Morphine in I believe the brain etc.

Also, was I even legally allowed to be drug tested so quickly having no medications with him prescribed that went through, except for Soma? I don’t understand what caused this. I was and still am so upset because my back is broken and nobdoy will help me.

Why did they drug test me for med authorization? The instant release medication wouldn’t even go through yet I went to the hospital the same night and had instant release ridiculously low x7 Oxycodone go through fine.

What is going on here? There must be some legality of this. Suppose I did even take “Heroin” or whatever did they have the right to call me in to give me an authorization to confirm my meds wiht my insurance when it wasn’t even an appointment?

I also want my $ 150 back. I am willing to let the $ 30 the insurance had to pay for the Soma also be credited to him.

Please tell me what to do and any advice. I will be withdrawing for the holiday tomorrow. The ER in which he even told me to because I was discharged which makes no sense in the first place, they only gave me ONE day prescription of something I’m used to take 24x daily more of!!

I have tried calling many pain management but most want medicare or automobile insurance. Seems nobody cares about me and I won social security and have adult medicaid with an HMO which you only get once you confirmed you won Medicaid – that is still processing. I don’t get my Medicare until a full year, December 2012!

Furthermore nobody will even accept cash patients. This is going to drive me to a breaking point to consider doing straight drugs because nobody wants me. Help?

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Answer by Donnao
Wow I am sorry you are going through this. Did you explain to the pain management doctor about the morophine and how you are not taking heroin? Did you ask for a re-test? Can you call back and explain your situation?

As for the money situation… I have insurance and every time I see my doctor they charge the insurance 175 dollars. 250 seems like a lot for one visit!

Please don’t give up and try to find another pain management doctor.

EDIT: Is this a different pain management doctor than the last one you were going to that kicked you out for notifying them you were going to run out of pain meds early? Is it possible that the new office found out from the old one that you were taking too much medication? Can you go back to your GP that you were talking about in your other question?