Did Anybody Ever Get a Heroine High From Eating Poppy Seeds?

Question by Jt: Did anybody ever get a heroine high from eating poppy seeds?
If it was you can you share your experience?

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Answer by Kaden
Nobody ever had a “heroin” high from poppy seeds but people have experienced (usually mild) opiate highs from them if they’re properly prepared. Poppy seeds can make you test positive for drug tests so there obviously is some psychoactive ingredients in them. Keep in mind this is very uncommon as they contain only trace amounts of opiates/opioids and the few times people have gotten high (some have even overdosed) it is because they gathered an obscene amount of them and brewed a tea to help release some of the alkaloids. Most people who want a “legal” poppy high usually buy poppy pods online or in flower shops (they’re very commonly used in flower arrangements and it’s a bit of a legal grey area) and brew a tea from the pods.

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