Detox Off Heroin: My Fiance Is Using Heroin Again?

Question by Moi: My fiance is using heroin again?
He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met & he has helped so many people to recover from drugs. He has been out of that life for YEARS & YEARS. He went through something really bad recently, and relapsed. Lied about it. I found out. Lied about it again. I found out again. I felt like something was up, he said he appreciated my concern, but he was over it. I still felt like something was wrong, and I just lost it today. I told him I knew that he was using again & he got really pissed. According to him, he was too afraid that I would leave if I found out so he’s been hiding it. I’m pretty much all he has left now after a recent death. I’m well versed (because of him) on the program & what to do and not to do with an addict. But, how can I trust him? I told him that what bothers me the most, is not the drugs. THAT we can work on & get him into detox again. What bothers me the most is how easy it is for him to lie. It just rolls off his tongue. I don’t like that.
All of his friends are addicts. I helped get his old roommate into detox when he relapsed. He just visited today & he’s SO much better now. You can have an actual conversation with him. Thankfully, we didn’t let him down & helped. I’ll get my fiance the help that he needs. I’m an old hand at this BS now. But, do I need to go to meetings myself to get over the trust issues? Addicts are SUCH good liars. It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe that even I figured this out.
SLwrites . . . I am not having children but thanks for the comment. I’m 36 & this will be my first marriage.

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Answer by Jazzmin27
THe truth my dear is that you are going to need more help than he does. If you are smart you wouldn’t be thinking about marring him. THe way I see it, you are the one that is messed up in the head. And he is just having fun and will never change.

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