Cure Heroin Addiction: The Bwiti Eboga Plant -(Ibogaine) Can Cure Drug Addiction

The Bwiti Eboga Plant -(Ibogaine) can cure drug addiction

Iboga (aka eboga) has been known to the Twa of the Congo Basin for more than 20000 years and in the past 300 years has played a central role in the Bwiti religion of West Central Africa (the fastest growing black African religion). Ibogaine is the principle and for many “the” alkaloid of the eboga plant. Ibogaine in a Western context is primarily used for withdrawal from drugs of dependence such as heroin, methadone, cocaine and others; as well as for the exposing, understanding and sometimes healing of unresolved life events Bwiti: an Ethnography of the Religious Imagination in Africa Ibogaine has also been patented as an anti-neurotoxic medication (Dr. John Olney, US Patent 5629307).


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Heroin addiction has been rising slowly since the 1980s and has now reached epidemic proportions. The popular scapegoat for all the islands' … Bags of cloves sit alongside herbal cures for malaria and a DVD about the freemasons. A short-bearded young …


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