Cure Heroin Addiction: I Have a Question About “Babies Born in Addiction”?

Question by Anjel: I have a question about “Babies born in addiction”?
please help me understand (if you know)…
I know what addiction is (no cure)
I know what an addict is (once one always one)
so if a baby is born in his or her mother’s addictions (crack or heroin is what I’m looking into) will the baby ALWAYS be an addict?
What I’m trying to ask is since an addict will always be an addict will a “drug baby” born into addiction always be one and if that child ever did any drugs (later in life) will it cause an automatic relapse?

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Answer by dizzkat
I will watch your answers as they come in- I never thought about the later affects of drug use on infants born with that drug in their system. My best guess would be that any drug entering the child’s system at any time will cause reactions we can only guess at rather than the expected ones. The neurologic and physical damage done by the drugs during fetal developement may alter the normal reactions to future drug use.

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