Crimea Side-Effect: Addicts Deprived of Methadone

Crimea side-effect: Addicts deprived of methadone
SEVASTOPOL, Crimea (AP) — Every morning, Sergei Kislov takes the bus to the rundown outskirts of this port city for the methadone doses that keep him off heroin without suffering withdrawal. Now that Russia has taken over Crimea, the trips are about to end.
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Annexation Bad News For Crimea’s Rehab Patients
In addition to weaning addicts off heroin by blocking the pain of withdrawal, Crimea’s methadone clinics also offer psychological counseling and medical treatment for a range of diseases. Experts warn that the discontinuation of these services will sound …
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Freeholders debate possible meth detox clinic in West Ward
TRENTON — The question of whether the former Capital Health Center building will be the new home of a rumored methadone detox clinic was the topic of debate during Tuesday night’s Freeholder Meeting. Global Life Enterprises, GLE, who …
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