Continuation of Heroin Overdoses After a Near Fatal OD?

Question by C.C.: Continuation of heroin overdoses after a near fatal OD?
I have been a heroin addict for about 10 years. I was clean for 6 months before a bad relapse where I overdosed and ended up in the hospital. It was almost fatal, I was not breathing when the paramedics arrived. I unfortunately have continued heroin use through this week but am finding that no matter the amount, I blackout, or in other words, have less serious OD’s. I come to within a short amount of time, but it is very unusual for me. Did I do some sort of serious damage to my brain or body from the near fatal overdose? Is my liver maybe damaged or is my body somehow responding differently to the shots of heroin? I am obviously going to get clean again because it is clear that my next injection of heroin could quite easily kill me, but I’m worried about irreversible damage. Has anyone ever heard of similar experiences?

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Answer by laaur
I’ve never been involved with drugs, or known anyone who was a serious addict, however I have done my own research on the topic.

Overdoses basically mean you in took to much drugs for the body to handle and process, and at that point, your body dramatically looses the ability to fight of the drug. You are always playing with fire when you do drugs, however after an overdose, I believe your odds of dying faster are dramatically increased.

Drugs will always harm your body, regardless of what it is. However, if you become clean again you’ll be giving your body the chance to re-build itself. Your liver is obviously struggling, but as the days go by of being clean, your liver will slowly start to regain function and heal itself, maybe not completely, their may be some permanent damage but you will be okay. The body always has a way of cleaning itself up. Good luck to you.

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