Christians ,Would You Please Share Your Thoughts on This Report?

Question by seemorebetter: Christians ,Would You please share your Thoughts on This Report?
Gender-bending chemicals are feminizing boys at alarming rates……

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Answer by ~Wolf of Wisdom~
Well, it certainly shows that we’re still learning about what affects us in this world. This isn’t the first time this has happened, you know.

Consider this. In the late 1800s, the Bayer company developed a new medicine called diacetylmorphine, a new substitute for morphine which was one of the pain-relievers and anxiety relievers of the day. Because morphine was highly addictive, it was marketed as a morphine substitute and aid for kicking addictions, on top of it’s usual market as a cough supressant. Even now, even though it’s now off the drug market, the formula hasn’t changed much — it remains rather popular among its users and proponents, and even the original brand name has stuck:


Answer by Smile for the camera Fluffy!
What freaks me out more are transsexuals. What if there are transsexuals at the kingdom hall and we don’t even know about it?
What would happen to them?

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