Can’t Recall the Movie Title… Pls…?

Question by Ad P: Can’t recall the movie title… pls…?
a notoric gambler addicted to heroin(?) who studied number theory; met a 17-year-old prostitute(?). I remember a scene where he asks her to lock him to a bed and don’t unlock no matter what until he accoplishes the detox.

any ideas, thoughts, hints, clues are very wecome

thx in adv

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Answer by QfrmTX
i typed in “movie about a notoric gambler whom is also addicted to heroin” and came across The Good Thief… if this isn’t it maybe you could try remembering one of the actors names and perhaps looking them up on IMDB.COM and perhaps looking into the history of whatever actor you remember and just look at their work history = ) Hope this helps

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