CAn You Help Me With This Heroin Question?

Question by GuitarGal: CAn you help me with this Heroin Question?
OKay no i do not or plan to do heroin but for health i needed to answer theses questions about it and make a power point. ALso im not trying to cheat i just couldn’t find these things.

1. how do you become addicted to heroin?
2. what is in heroin to make you addicted?

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Answer by ReggieR
Heroin is a very powerful drug that stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain and increases the dopamine level- there by increasing the feelings of euphoria and a sense of well being.
It was discovered in the 60’s that both heroin and alcohol increased the levels of THIQ in the brain. As those levels are increased the sense of welll being increases. A scientist by accident stumbled on to this fact that both the heroin addict and alcohol had this THIQ present in their brains.
After a while the brain is no longer able to produce dopamine on its own so the heroin is needed for this sense of well being. Also the dopamine is needed to send signals to the neurotransmitters, if heroin is not put into the body the person starts experiencing withdrawal. The body on its own can produce dopamine but when we introduce heroin is stops producing as much until it finally stops completely. Withdrawal from heroin is like the flu times 100.
By the way look up WEBMD and National Coalition on Substance abuse for Addictions information. God bless and God Luck REGGIE

Answer by mylilsims
Heroin is one of the drugs from the Opiate family these include things made from Opium which is derived from the Poppy Plant
It can include Morphine paregoric and many other drugs that are used for pain.

Heroin is man made out of Morphine The Morphine(opiates) is what causes the addiction

As far as how to become addicted that is NOT a easy and simple answer
addicts become addicted for many reasons
they use heroin to self medicate be it for pain or for mental health issues or to block out some feelings they do not care to face. They do it again and again and if you get high for 3 days off heroin well you may as well kiss it all good bye cause you will wake up sick as a dog on the 4th and 5th day.
You will have the yawns chills but sweating your skin will have goosebumps on it which makes it look like a chicken or turkey skin which is why kicking a habit is called going cold Turkey.
You will have diarrhea, cramps in your stomach gas puke a lot, aches all over but especially in the legs it feels like electric shocks are going through your legs

Anything else you want to know about it email me through my profile.
i was a heroin addict for 15 years. I have 14 years clean now

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