Can Drinking Caffeine Change a Persons Mood?

Question by BIG_STING_9: Can drinking caffeine change a persons mood?
Can drinking caffeine change a persons mood? I drink 2-6 Mt.Dews a day. I have a very bad CAFFEINE ADDICTION.

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Answer by pisceanwillow
Well, my coffee keeps me from going insane every day. So, yes. I suppose it does. Caffeine is bad for you in some ways, but can be good in moderation. I guess I should try moderation. LOL.

Answer by GtrGirl
i think it can. im addicted to diet coke!! but over the summer i got into coffee and i would have to have a cup every morning and when i didnt have it one day i became so tired and lazy and just didnt want to function. Drank a cup of coffee and i was perfectly fine again. So ya i do feel that coffee can change a persons mood