Can Anyone Think of a Catchy “Drug Free” Quote or Phrase?

Question by KES: Can anyone think of a catchy “drug free” quote or phrase?
I am a third grade teacher and with Red Ribbon week coming up we are decorating our classroom doors with our college theme while reminding students that we’re “Too Smart To Do Drugs”. I was hoping to come up with a catchy phrase or quote to put on the door. My college mascot is the eagle. I don’t know how I should decorate the door. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And please, no unnecessary comments on this one. Thank you in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by God
Just say no
I’m too good for drugs
Drug free is the way to be
Don’t choose the booze
If you choose the booze, you lose
What’s your anti-drug?
Stay alive. Don’t drink and drive
Shoot for the stars not your arms
Smoking the dope won’t help you cope
Up with hope, down with dope
If you know Jack, you won’t smoke Crack
This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?
Drugs are retarded, so don’t get started
Say Not to Pot
PCP bad for me
Kiss meth mouth goodbye
Hugs not drugs
I’m above the influence
Pot makes your brain rot, so lets not
Get High on Life, not on Drugs
You don’t need Heroin to be a hero
Be aware, don’t share

Door Decorating Ideas:
Put up a “Drug Free is How I’ll Be Sign” and a “Too Smart to Do Drugs” sign with real photos of your students and a sign they decorated and signed with their name above their photo.
Put up a “Think Smart, Don’t Start” and a “Too Smart to Do Drugs” sign with full body photos of the students. Have the students cut out a graduation cap and gown out of black construction paper and then glue it to their photo. At the bottom of your door, attach a red construction paper strip to create a corner. In the corner, attach a sign that says “Drugs Users” with nothing else in that corner. This shows how likely you are to graduate if you use drugs.

Hope this helps.
-The Almighty

Answer by Paco
Eagles soar so… One Can’t Soar With Drugs or Fly Drug Free

Ok, so I admit that they are bad but maybe it will spur some ideas.