Can Anyone Please Tell Me What Heroin Detox Is?

Question by delaney v: Can anyone please tell me what heroin detox is?
I’ve heard my parents talking to each other about this. It seems as if one of my cousins will go through this sometime soon. I just got curious, since I’ve always heard of drug rehabs and treatment centers, but this is the first time I’ve heard of detox.

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Answer by aja b
Heroin detox is oftentimes the first step in a drug treatment program. It detoxifies the body. This means that it cleanses out remains of the drug and makes sure that the body is restored back to its healthy state. The managing of one’s diet is also a part of detoxification.

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So far, the center has not seen acetyl fentanyl, he said. Martin estimates 20-30 percent of those admitted for narcotics withdrawal “have some use of heroin.” “It may not be their primary drug, but I'll tell you 10 years ago, we never saw anybody using …
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