Can Anyone Name a Few Health Factors With Heroin?

Question by Nickname: Can anyone name a few health factors with Heroin?
Can anyone name a few health factors with Heroin?

Like what will Heroin will do to your body,
or how it will end up killing you.

And what does Heroin do good for your body??
why do people start using it?

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Answer by Brooke
i heard it its the most insane drug there is.
i guess its a really cool high
but then when you come down you feel like shit so you want to keep doing it. and then you keep doing it.

i dont know what parts of your body it affects but i would just look it up on yahoo or something. Or maybe someone who has used will answer this

Answer by exslidergirl
Heroin will destroy your mental health! You can overdose on it. It will make you homeless, friendless, penniless. Your life will end on skid row more than likely as a prostitute, someone that will sell their own soul for a hit. True story unfortunately. If you are considering using please reconsider. There is no hope in dope. By the way I hear you puke a whole bunch when you shoot it up. go to a few n/a (narcotics Anonymous meeting and meet some recovering heroin addict the will be more than happy to share their stories with you.) Merry Christmas.

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