Can a Person Try Heroin and No Be Addicted?

Question by : Can a person try Heroin and no be addicted?
Just a curious question i was thinking, can a person try Heroin and not be addicted? (i dont do drugs and wouldnt try it, just curious)

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Answer by essentiallysolo
there are those that can use Heroin once and walk away from it, in other words not get addicted, but then there are those that from one single dose, DO become addicted, and their lives are misery from then on. No way to tell before hand, personally, I would never risk it.

Answer by sttmberz
No, Heroine tricks your mind into making your body feel good, and if you try it once and none after that you will feel like shit because your brain has no more chemicals to make “hapiness” making you want more heroine.